About Us

Sun2Solar Ltd are a Renewable Energy Company based in the West Midlands offering a range of energy saving products and services. We offer many different energy saving renewable products.Sun2solar can provide impartial and independent advice on energy savings, government incentive schemes and the energy efficiency and performance rating of your property.

At Sun2Solar we build close working relationships with all our installation teams and preferred contractors, ensuring consistent high quality of workmanship and customer service. Workmanship warranties are provided on all our domestic installations including non MCS regulated technologies. Our installers and assessors are fully qualified in their individual fields and regularly monitored to maintain their continued personal development and increase their knowledge of old and new technologies. We work closely worth our suppliers and benefit from their extensive experience and technical support. Together with our Team, customer services, installers, contractors and assessors we represent many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Sun2Solar will advise customers on available funding incentives and assisting in application.

We have completed installations on domestic, commercial industrial and farming properties, and installed roof mounted and ground arrays across England and Wales.

At Sun2Solar we build close working relationships with all our installation teams and preferred contractors, ensuring consistent high quality workmanship and customer service. Our highly qualified and experienced installers, contractors, system designers and Energy Assessors work together to deliver a service that suits the customers needs. We consult with and advise our customers at every stage throughout the process “From Conception to Completion”. This customer focussed approach has afforded Sun2Solar many referrals from our satisfied customers and is keenly adopted by the whole team regardless of the job size.

Sun2Solar will match or beat any like for like quotation

The only condition is that it is a written quotation from another MCS accredited installer. Only systems installed by MCS accredited installers are eligible for any government incentives including the Feed–in-tariffs.

We only provide quotes on stock we have had set aside for you and we use national and international suppliers we have had long standing accounts with. We suggest you ask for proof of stock when choosing an installer especially at busy times such as now. Pending tariff cuts cause widespread stock shortages, many people miss out at these times due to installers quoting without guaranteed stock and missing the all-important installation cut off dates. To ensure you don’t miss out on the next cut-off date 30/12/2015 book your survey without delay, systems must be fully installed and commissioned before 31st December 2015 to receive the current FIT rate.

Sun2solar do not employ sales people or use glossy promotional documents or presentation material. We provide brochures and performance data sheets direct from the suppliers along with their warranty information right from the outset. We are very proud to state that over 95% of our installations have come by way of referrals from happy customers and service providers. If you want to see a system up and running Solar PV, Battery system or Thermodynamic system we can arrange for you to visit an installation near you and meet one of our customers; call our office to arrange an appointment.

Customer contact to installation

Following a customer request for a Solar PV quotation we will contact you to assess your needs and we will ask a few questions to ensure a PV system is in fact feasible.
We will look at the property on Google Earth and measure the size and look at the orientation and for any shading which will be very important in the final decision.
We will also advise on any restrictions or permissions required, e.g. conservation areas and rented properties.

If you decide to continue we will arrange for a surveyor to visit the sight to measure the available roof space, inspect the roof condition, identify any shading issues, measure and check access for scaffolding if required and inspect the electrical installation at the property for suitability. A roadside Health and Safety report will be completed to assist our installers and surveyor.
Our surveyor will discuss the best location for the inverter, the generation meter and the design/layout of the panels. He will also discuss any questions about the Feed-in-tariffs and other benefits. This is not a sales call and the survey should be completed within 1 hour.

A quotation will be sent to you following a telephone conversation or e-mail outlining the size of the system we feel best suits the available roof space, product chosen and the full cost of supply, install and commissioning of the system. Any amendments will be made if required and we will await your reply by way or a signed agreement for us to continue with the work. Any further amendments will be made by way of a new quotation again acceptance in writing is required to continue.

We can usually install a domestic installation between 2 to 4 weeks of the quotation being accepted. A 4kW installation will take 1 to 2 days dependant on day light hours and weather.

Scaffolding will be arranged via our preferred contractor who will contact you directly, only with your permission, to avoid delays. This is usually done 1 to 2 days prior to the installation date and taken down in the same time period.

Our surveyor will return to your property on completion and handover the system to you answering any queries you may have and to help you complete your FIT’s application if required. Only then will you receive your invoice, payment is due on day of completion. The proof of ownership is given on this day, the MCS certificate will also be provided. Our free workmanship warranty will be sent to you by our insurers under separate cover.


Our other service providers such and electricians, roofers, scaffolders, surveyors, energy assessors and drivers have all been working with us for over five years and all follow our consumer code of practice. Sun2solar Ltd and our service providers are regulated and inspected annually by MCS and assessed by NICEIC inspectors who visit a selection of installations to ensure we are compliant with MCS standards and audit our office systems and procedures annually. RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) also visit our office and look at our procedures and documentation with the emphasis on consumer protection compliance.
All our staff have been trained to the highest standards and are all fully accredited to provide their services as required by the Microgeneration Certification Standards (MCS).

MCS accreditation number: NICEIC 3102