Little Magic Box

s2s magicBoxBritishThe Little Thermodynamic Box can heat 90% of all your hot water needs for free.

A great way to save money and the environment by using your existing heating system.

The Magic Thermodynamic Box is a compact (410mm x Depth 340mm x Height 299mm) ‘air to water’ heat pump that can be retrofitted to an existing domestic hot water cylinder. It significantly reduces carbon emissions and due to its excellent thermal efficiency can save you up to 90% on your hot water bills. The Magic Thermodynamic Box makes your heating circuit more efficient than evacuated solar thermal systems.

This system is safe, non-toxic and greatly reduces carbon emissions. It is has a COP with an around of 4.

The refrigerant fluid used (R134a) contains no chlorine, has no ozone depletion potential and is inert.

The External Panel

As well as the Thermodynamic Magic Box you will need an external thermodynamic panel made of black coated aluminium. This can be fitted to an outside wall or roof of a house. Even on an East or West wall efficiency only decreases by 5%. The panel can also be fitted portrait or landscape (dimensions of: 1700mm x 800mm x 25mm). It is very light (6.2kg) and easy to install.

The panel will work 24/7 in any weather conditions, still extracting heat from the atmosphere with temperatures as low as -15°C (and up to 45°C). This is due to the very strong temperature absorption ability of the refrigerant which circulates at negative temperatures inside.

Only one panel is needed but if a second one is ordered recovery rate can be increased by up to 25%.

How does it work?

s2s little_magic_box_processes_new.pngThe Magic Thermodynamic Box connects to the hot water system at the cold feed in and the hot feed out and works a little like a fridge in reverse: the ‘thermodynamic panel’ outside the property collects heat from the surrounding atmosphere. This causes the refridgerant fluid flowing through this panel to turn from a liquid into a gas. This gas is then fed back to the Magic Box where is it compressed, increasing the temperature further. It then travels through a throttling device where it transfers its latent heat energy to cold water being pushed through The Magic Box by a pump from the water cylinder. The water continues to be heated inside the box until it reaches 55°C, at which point the system goes into standby.

The technology behind The Magic Thermodynamic Box has been time proven: Thermodynamics were discovered in 1824 with modern thermodynamic systems coming into their own in the 1990’s.

“The beauty about this system is that it works in all weather conditions – 24/7 – 365 days a year.”