Solar PV Systems

Solar panels work by using cells within the panels to convert daylight into electricity. Ideally installed on a south facing roof, or free standing ground arrays these systems produce direct current (dc) electricity which requires conversion into the ac current we use in our homes.

The panels are connected to a device called an inverter; this is the brains of the system. This converts the dc current produced by the PV system into the safer ac current we use in our homes. This is then sent via your electricity consumer unit or fuse board to your appliances when you turn them on. The inverter will always send the electricity you generate to your appliances on demand and only feed it back to the national grid when there is no demand from your home.

When you are not using the energy the surplus is fed back into the national grid for which you will receive an additional payment.

A special meter will measure all the energy your system produces making it simple to monitor how effective and profitable your Solar PV system is.


Solar PV remains a great investment and is still better than some savings accounts or ISA’s, for example: A typical 4kW installation costing £6,300 including VAT can earn you over 10% ROI in your first year alone. This has come about because the cost of solar PV products has come down considerably over the past year; which in turn offsets the effects of the feed-in tariff reductions. It is also an investment you can be proud of saving 2 tonnes of co2 emissions every year with a 4kW system. Add to this the benefits of a secure supply of free electricity for 20 years, income from feed-in tariffs, export tariffs and savings (tariffs index linked) and all tax free on domestic installations. This all adds up to an inflation proof great deal.

A current Energy Performance Certificate must be provided to be eligible for Feed In Tariffs. Sun2Solar will provide this free of charge if required.
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